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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turquoise: My Shade Of Blue

Spring can not come fast enough! I’m getting so antsy to enjoy the beautiful weather, going for walks with my dog, and my annual spring shopping trip. With a new season comes new colors and hues, on anything from apparel to shoes. I can’t wait to see what must-have color is going to be big this season, but I’m hoping for bright hues and jewel tones. Heidi Klum knows what I’m talking about – check out her bright orange/reddish blouse paired perfectly with gorgeous turquoise pumps. I’m absolutely in love with this look!
So in love, in fact, that I wanted to recreate this look for myself - starting with the shoes. So, of course, I went to to find that perfect shade of turquoise dress shoes. These Paris Hilton Kara pumps are just what I was looking for. The beautiful satin upper and knotted bow detail makes this pump perfect for all occasions, night or day. Simply stunning!
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