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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Safety Toe Uniform Bates Boots Are So Popular These Days

Gone are the days when only armed forces people would wear steel toe shoes - at present, anyone with a liking for good quality as well as a adoration for trip gravitates toward these fashionable as well as sturdy shoes which will endure a lifetime. Sturdiness, reliability and moreover quality - these are the key points which make them rule the world of footwear. Better known as bates footwear, these footwear can get your fashion sense rave reviews - whether you want them or not. And the finest part is - you don't have to be stuck with a particular style - there's a huge variety for you which ranges from trendy side zip-ups to fashionable calf-lengths. Becoming cool never was so easy!

Uniform shoes - The changing trends

Not many years ago, these footwear were only utilitarian gear worn simply by military men or serious hikers at best. Since they were manufactured from uncomfortably stiff as well as thick black leather, no-one will use them if they could help it. Safety Toe Uniform Bates Boots  were simply too heavy as well as clumsy and most people can't walk properly in them. But footwear style has caught up with the latest trends as well as there are some very appealing designs of uniform shoes currently available. These are superior, stylish and moreover a sheer delight to put on - in fact, you'll be flaunting them at the trendiest celebrations.

Exactly why bates boots are so popular these days
You feet will breathe a sigh of relief as they put on a pair designed from stylish tan hide. No worries about smelly foot while you put on the good ventilated, scientifically developed steel toe shoes.

In the early days, making and also marketing these shoes was the sole choice of the government. After private manufacturers have been allowed to enter the industry (as long as they adhere to a couple of specifications), you get a wide range of variations in the pattern, although the height of the steel toe shoe has to be according to the standards set by the government.
Hikers, bikers and even sports people in particular prefer using these boots because the thick rubber soles allow your foot to take a strong grip on almost any surface.
Tough steel toes offer you protection from rocks and also hard surfaces. This certainly will help while hiking.
The highest care is taken to ensure all parts of the bates boots stay together through the most difficult situation. When you go hiking in the Alps, the last thing you worry about is your shoe coming apart.

Steel toe boots are certainly the ideal companions for your feet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turquoise: My Shade Of Blue

Spring can not come fast enough! I’m getting so antsy to enjoy the beautiful weather, going for walks with my dog, and my annual spring shopping trip. With a new season comes new colors and hues, on anything from apparel to shoes. I can’t wait to see what must-have color is going to be big this season, but I’m hoping for bright hues and jewel tones. Heidi Klum knows what I’m talking about – check out her bright orange/reddish blouse paired perfectly with gorgeous turquoise pumps. I’m absolutely in love with this look!
So in love, in fact, that I wanted to recreate this look for myself - starting with the shoes. So, of course, I went to to find that perfect shade of turquoise dress shoes. These Paris Hilton Kara pumps are just what I was looking for. The beautiful satin upper and knotted bow detail makes this pump perfect for all occasions, night or day. Simply stunning!
W omens Shoes

Golden Shoes A Perfect Fit Uniform Shoes

Marc Goldberg of Golden Shoes in Palos Heights followed the footsteps of his father, Irving Goldberg, into the shoe business.

The family's involvement in shoe stores goes back about a half-century. Irving Goldberg co-owned a shoe store in Indiana, the first discount shoe store in the state. He then opened Golden Shoes in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood in 1963.

When Irving decided it was time to move shop, he took a tip from a salesman, who told him that the Palos-area was in dire need of a shoe store.

“[The salesman] told my father that Shapiro's Shoes [which once existed across the street from Golden Shoes] was doing such a business that they had people taking numbers – like they do at butcher shop or bakery – at two o'clock on a weekday,” Goldberg said.

The senior Goldberg, now 99 years old, worked alongside his son at Harlem and 122nd Street until he was 96 years old.

Goldberg says father and son kept the business going all these years with a combination of service, selection and knowledge.

He says knowledge played a large role in keeping the business viable. Area podiatrists send the store many patients who are in need of a professionally fitted pair of shoes.

“[Doctors] want to send patients to well-established stores that know how to fit shoes," Goldberg said. "Not somewhere with a part-time kid who doesn't know anything."

Another steady stream of business comes from area students in need of uniform shoes. The store currently works with Marist High School and Bobbie Noonan, among others.

Goldberg says that while the economy has hurt a little, and department and discount stores take a small bite, his biggest competition comes from the internet.

“The web is going to be the ultimate downfall of the brick and mortar shoe business,” Goldberg said. “Shoe companies have such great websites themselves, they can cut out the middle man.”

Although Goldberg says there are certainly benefits to trying a shoe on before you buy it, the biggest risk with the internet is fake websites that often pop up around the holidays offering amazing prices – and then disappear without delivering.

“I had a lady come in around Christmas asking me to match an internet price she found on Ugg boots on the internet for a price that I know to be under cost,”  Goldberg explained. “After the holidays that site was gone. They just take credit numbers and then disappear.”

Stacy Nannion happened to be trying on a pair of Ugg boots nearby and joined the conversation.

“Not to interrupt, but you are so right about that,” Nannion said. “I have had a lot of people tell me you have to be careful buying Uggs on the internet.”

Goldberg told her they are much like Coach purses, where knock-offs are abundant. A guarantee that you're getting authentic Uggs is another thing that Goldberg can assure customers.

“This Christmas was very good due almost entirely to Ugg boots,” he said. “They are super hot this year, every girl 12 and up was looking for that box under the tree this year.”

He said Uggs were his “saving grace” this Christmas. It's not the first time boots have provided a needed boost.

“Our best year was in 2000, when we had a lot of snow and just a ton of customers coming in for boots,” Goldberg said.

As Nannion paid for her guaranteed authentic Uggs, she said she loves shopping at Golden Shoes had has for a while.

“We buy all our children's dress shoes here too, the customer service is excellent,” she said.

Goldberg says the store specializes in middle class and upper-middle class casual shoes, boots and sneakers, but stays away from highly expensive designer shoes.

With 47 years under their feet, Golden Shoes has proved its staying power, but Goldberg said the future is a bit uncertain.

His own daughters aren't interested in taking over the store and Goldnerg is now 63 years old. He has no specific timeline for when he might hang up his Brannock device, but if they elder Goldberg serves as inspiration, it might be awhile.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Safety Toe Composite Boots

A pair of Class S3 Neskrid Cherokee II safety ...Image via WikipediaPeople who are working in any construction sites and industries should be careful by all means. If any heavy objects fall in their feet, they will have to face many critical situations. Safety is the main thing that should be considered when going for any type of work.  If you want to obtain complete comfort while walking in any risky areas, you should make use of safety toe boots. I am wearing only steel toe boots during my working hours. It safeguards my feet at the time of walking. Any hard parts of the equipments will not affect my feet because I am wearing steel toe boots.

You can wear Steel Toe Shoes because it is the optimum protection for your feet. By wearing the steel toe shoes, you can observe the benefits of it. Approach a reliable and accredited online store to make your purchase. is an ideal online store that provides steel toe boots and shoes in various brands. . They also offer shoes at discount rate through the year. If you are longing to buy safety toe shoes,uniform shoes,army boots at lowest prices, you can approach this store.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steel Toe Safety Boots

A pair of Class S3 Neskrid Cherokee II safety ...Steel toe boots ( sometimes called safety shoes or even steel capped shoes) are a type of protective as well as highly long lasting footwear reinforced in the toe. This reinforcement usually consists of a sole plate that secures your foot against punctures and also falling objects. While reinforcements for safety toe boots are normally designed from toughened steel, many suppliers even make use of composite components or plastics such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Safety work boots are generally utilized in the construction industry as well as other industrial settings, specially because of health and occupational safety laws. Various insurance companies also demand employees working in hazardous settings to wear safety work boots. Mandatory certification of these steel toe  safety  boots may also be required in some cases.

Safety criteria in the United States require that work boots carry certain symbols to signify the level of safety they provide.

  • Boots with a class 1 toe cap as well as a puncture-resistant sole are indicated by a green triangle.
  • Safety toe shoes with a class 2 toe cap as well as a puncture-resistant sole are indicated by a yellow triangle.
  • Shoes that provide electrical protection carry a white square ohm symbol.
  • Work boots that give you anti-static protection carry a yellow square C symbol.
  • Safety boots that conduct electricity are indicated by a red square C symbol.
  • Protection against chain saws is indicated by the symbol of the fir tree.

Some benefits of steel toe boots

Safety is one of the most significant and most obvious advantages of wearing safety boots. For instance, the kind of work which is done in the manufacturing industry, particularly with heavy machinery, helps you to stop accidents and also injuries. Safety toe boots are tough enough to take care of your feet from many work-related hazards in the construction industry.

Self defense is another area in which safety work boots can help. They are helpful if you get into a fight even if you are unarmed because they double the amount of damage you do to your enemy. A well-aimed kick from a steel toe boot would probably bring a strong man down.

Some drawbacks of safety work boots

Don't have any illusions, these boots are heavy. So although you can plant a memorable kick on someone's butt, you won't be able to do this as frequently as you like. It's difficult to lift your foot when you're putting on a bottom-heavy work boot if you aren't used to dressed in this kind of gear.

Calluses are other unfortunate adverse reaction of this steel toe shoes until you get accustomed to it. Get accustomed to beeping metal sensors at airports ? they won't let you forget you are wearing steel toe boots. But it's not a major matter since you'll probably take your shoes off at the airport.

Though, if you are seeking for something more casual or else trendy in the steel toe boot line, clogs or even sneakers would probably look loads smarter.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Army Steel Toe Bates Boots

Army boots are no longer limited to a military uniform any individual having a preference for adventure and an eye for quality obviously prefers to wear these sturdy yet fashionable shoes that you can present to your grandchildren. Durability, quality and reliability are the trademarks of these erstwhile uniform shoes that will get you noticed wherever you go. And the icing on the cake is that these royalties of the footwear world come in different types of designs, specifications and budgets from high-class calf-lengths to youthful side zip-ups. You won't ever have to worry about being in-sync with the modern fashion diktats with a pair of steel toe boots!

Varying trends in army boots

Until a few years ago, army boots were regarded a lot more like formal accessories to be worn only if you served in the military or were an avid hiker. They were usually crafted out of hard black leather which was none too comfortable to wear unless you got used to it. Most people considered them to be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear and they were the ultimate fashionistas nightmare.

But constant study in footwear design has developed some very wearable designs of the old uniform shoes, that are sophisticated, user-friendly and a delight to flaunt at the trendiest dos. Today's army boots are made with fashionable tan hide and let your feet to breathe freely. You need not worry about overheated of smelly feet as this scientifically designed piece of footwear ensures that there is adequate ventilation down there.

The production and sale of these boots was initially handled by the government but private manufacturers are now granted to produce them, only if they abide by certain specifications. As a result there can be a variety of styles on the pattern, however the height of the boots should meet government standards so that they can be described as an army steel toe boot.

Army boots are in style because

* Most steel toe boots have heavy rubber soles that provide a powerful grip on any area.
*The steel toes prevent your feet from rocks or other hard surfaces, and are mainly convenient when you go hiking.
* Great care is taken to ensure that all the parts of the boot stay together through the most testing conditions you don't have to worry about your shoes falling apart when you're climbing the Mountains.

* There are different types of steel toe bates boots for different climates. If the weather is warmer where you reside, you can look for shoes made of powerful but lightweight shanks that do not weigh your feet down. Colder climate requires special shoes with steel shanks that provide necessary protection.

Regardless of the pattern of your favorite army boots, they're definitely the best and most long lasting companions for your feet.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steel Toe Composite Safety Work Boots

Work endangerments are maximizing by the day, not only due to agents that induce pollution and breathing disorders: in fact the most workers are required to venture into dissimilar spheres of work oftentimes due to the transferring nature of a firm s occupation. The perils are most of the time expected and protecting paraphernalia has been switched into imposed uniforms in such areas, where work hazards are frequent. One such product that extends a flock of covers are the steel toe work boots.

These steel toe work boots are not just limited to workers encountering feasible work related ventures; or else steel toe work boots are becoming progressively up-to-date. This has in the first place been facilitated due to the thick competition between the manufactures of steel toe work boots. The consequences being that they are clear in a heap of unusual models and colors. Latterly companies have constructed particularly fashioned steel toe boots that invoke to female workers overly.
Steel toe Work Boots

Straight Off what precisely are a steel toe work boots? What enables them to render so much appeal amongst industries that face work risks? The response lies in the constitute, auspices and the comfortableness offered by steel toe work boots. These are fundamentally durable boots that have detailed strengthener for the toe contiguous along with a sole plate these attributes enable the feet to be protected from dropping as well as rolling physical objects and punctures from beneath.

Traditionally this reinforce would be drawn out of steel but today different forge of complex stuff and plastics like thermoplastic polyurethane are more and more applied. Still this very steel founded thorough strengthener has induced a safety myth to function more or less the markets i.e. the steel reinforcement can work as a blade and cut the toes off when a large burden drops on it. They ground why this figure of thinking remains a myth is because if such a weight were to fall an amputation would either way be necessary. One may wonder what weight they are denoting to. Secure banner steel toe work boots have even testified to be sure-footed to comfortably negotiate profound weights during posts such as sustaining the edge of a car, a car running over a boot etc. This presents that steel toe work boots are stable and simply unusually special weights can place to be a trouble.
Steel toe Boots

Modernistic steel toe work boots also ply ample ankle protection, resistivity to wood saws, insulating material against electricity, thorough traction etc. They are even efficient to actuate a stark equilibrium between ruggedness and quilt these are mainly alleviated by the exercise of fleecy forefoot and heel hit zones.

Once And For All steel toe work boots are very much a requisite in nowadays s insidious work environments and their applications have not barely been particular to the industrialized sector. This is very evident because geologists, trekking preoccupied tourers, security personnel and the military have too increasing initiated to exercise this safety lineament.
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